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MTS has stream lined custom fabricated parts procurement process for FMF (Foreign Military Funding) programs. MTS provide buyers access to diverse production capabilities. Parts are USA made by ISO/AS certified operations.

Through MTS long associations with OEMs in the Defense industries our team has provided raw material and fabricated parts solutions. 

As supply chain integrator we support raw material supply, fabrication services and quality certification.

ISO or AS certified suppliers are chosen to be part of the MTS supply team. Vendors can be selected for mission critical components to assure leading customer support. By using the MTS quality certified process, MTS owns the complete supply chain, from raw material to the “build to print” part. 

Services include production of fabricated metal parts, with the following key operations – Forging, Stamping, Bending, Forming, Machining and Welding.

Several of our advantages including the following elements -

  •  Competitive Short & Long Run Pricing


  •  Full Service Manufacturing


  •  Flexible Lead Time, JIT programs.


  •  Quality Parts on consistent basis.


  •  ISO 9001-2008 Certified


  •  Prototype Service Available


  •  Made in the USA

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