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MAG alloys are mix of magnesium with other metals (such as aluminum, zinc, manganese etc) Magnesium is the lightest structural metal, its app -30% lighter the Aluminum.

Alloys AZ31, AZ61, ZK60 and AZ80 mainly used for extrusions applications.

AZ31 is also used in flat rolled form specifically plate.

Alloys AZ63 and AZ92 are mainly used for sand castings, AZ91 for die castings, and AZ92 alloy for permanent mold castings.

MTS provides solutions for AZ31 and AZ80 alloys.

Magnesium specifications:

  • QQ-M-44

  • QQ-M-31

  • AMS 4382

  • AMS 4375

  • AMS 4377

  • AMS 4376

  • AMS 4350

  • AMS 4352 

  • AMS 4362

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