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Alloy steel is steel alloyed with a mix of elements to form its mechanical and chemical values.

Steel classifications including -

SAE Grade                 Type

1xxx                             Carbon steels

2xxx                             Nickel steels

3xxx                            Nickel-chromium steels

4xxx                            Molybdenum steels

5xxx                            Chromium steels

6xxx                            Chromium-vanadium steels

7xxx                           Tungsten steels

8xxx                           Nickel-chromium-molybdenum steels

9xxx                           Silicon-manganese steels

Grades 2xxx to 9xxx generally called “alloy steel”

The following is a range of improved mechanical properties for alloy steels - strength, hardness, toughness, wear resistance and corrosion resistance (compared to carbon steel).

Alloy steel is widely used in several high engineered industries including – Automotive, Aerospace, Oil & Gas, Power generations, Marine, General engineering and Defense.

Alloy steel is available in variety of forms including Bar, Plate, Sheet, and Tube

MTS offers variety of grades including 4140 , 4130, 4340, 8620, 300M

Alloy Steel specifications –

  • ASTM A108

  • ASTM A29

  • ASTM A829  

  • AMS 6382

  • AMS 2301

  • AMS 6345

  • ASTM A322

  • ASTM A321

  • AMS 6346

  • AMS 6350

  • AMS 6359

  • AMS 6414

  • AMS 6415

  • ASTM A534

  • ASTM A304

  • AMS 6274

  • AMS 6417

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