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Materials include – Molybdenum, Tungsten and Tantalum.

Those mainly used where following characteristics needed:

  1. High melting points

  2. Good strength (at high temperatures)

  3. Good thermal and electrical conductivity values  

  4. Low coefficient of expansion

Mainly used for following applications - furnace components, heat exchangers, welding electrodes and components in General Engineering, Aerospace, High-Tech Industries.



Molybdenum mainly used where strength at very high temperatures is needed together with good electrical conductivity and low expansion coefficient.

Several applications are - Electronics, Aerospace and Nuclear.

Molybdenum specifications are:

  • ASTM B386, ASTM B387


Tungsten is a very good material for furnaces components, high vacuum parts and glass seals applications.

Tungsten has high melting point, high density and low vapor pressure values. Tungsten absorbs radioactive radiation.

Tungsten specifications are:

  • ASTM B777-07

  • AMS 7898

  • AMS 7899


Tantalum known for its high resistance to corrosion generated by acids. Due to its corrosion resistance in extreme temperatures, Tantalum provides excellent solutions for medical devices.   It used for electronic components with its absorption characteristics.  

Tantalum specifications are:

  • AMS 7849

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