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Alloys used where metal parts must form a hermetic seal with glass or ceramic.

Leading applications include – Optical parts and equipment, lamps, vacuum tubes, etc.


Invar is a low expansion alloy, consisting of Nickel, and Iron. The Invar offers extremely low expansion characteristics teamed with very hig dimensional stability. 

Few applications utilizing Ivnar –

Thermostats, Parts for Aerospace industry, Instruments and optical devices, Seals, spacers,

Invar forms – Bar, Sheet

Invar specifications:

  • ASTM F-1684

  • AMS-I-23011



Kovar is a low expansion alloy, consisting of Nickel, Cobalt and Iron.

It has good machining and dep drawing values. 

Applications using Kovar includes -

Microwave and power tubes, Electronic components (transistors, diodes, etc) , Instrumentation, etc

Kovar forms  available – Bar, Sheet

Kovar specifications:

  • ASTM F-1466

  • ASTM F-15

  • AMS-I-23011

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