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Aluminum Bronze alloys made from Copper, Zinc mixture.

Aluminum bronze alloys are good choice for applications involving heavy loads, corrosive environment and abrasive wear.

Variety of the Aluminum bronze alloys providing good ductility, weld ability and excellent resistant to wear, fatigue and deformation under shock.


Nickel and Aluminum Bronze alloys made from Copper, Zinc and Aluminum mixture.

Those alloys have high strength and wear, corrosion, and abrasion resistant. In addition, this bronze alloy have high hardness values with fair level of elongation.

Alloys are used in variety of industries including Aerospace, Oil and Gas, Marine, Defense, and General Engineering exposed to high impact applications.


The alloys are being used for – valves, bearings, pumps, gear parts.


MTS carries the following alloys – C623, C624, C630, C954, C955 .


Aluminum Bronze specifications –


  • ASTM B150

  • ASTM B505

  • ASTM B271

  • AMS 4635

  • AMS 4640

  • SAE J461

  • SAE J462

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