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Brass Alloys are a mixture of Copper and Zinc.  

Brass alloys have good hardness and corrosion resistance values. “Workability” of brass alloys is very good. Brass esthetic appearance promoting wide range of applications. Mechanical properties of Brass alloys vary and are mainly sensitive to the copper vs zinc ratio.

In addition, Brass alloys are valued for its good machinability and high strength characteristics.


Key applications for Brass use – Electrical components, Commercial water systems, Architectural, Marine components.

Naval Brasses known for their strength and ductility and are used in a range of corrosive environments.  


MTS offers variety of Brass alloys to include C360, C314, C385 (Architectural Brass) & C464 (Naval Brass).


Brass alloys available in following forms: Bar, Plate, Sheet & Strip.  


Brass alloys specifications –


  • ASTM B16

  • ASTM B140

  • ASTM B455

  • ASTM B21

  • AMS 4611

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